• May 3, 2016

    Hi Gang:

    I received a letter a few days ago from the University Librarian at the University of Georgia.

    The letter said, in part, “We now have one of your guitars on display in the administrative suite at the Main Library. It’s the Fender you played at Sanford Stadium in 1972.” That was when I entertained at halftime of the Georgia vs. Tennessee football game.

    I read the letter and couldn’t help but grin. Not because it was funny, but because of something that happened years ago.

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  • February 23, 2016

    Hi Gang:

    Over the years, the fans and the media have given many country music stars special nicknames.

    Tom T. Hall, for example, has for most of his career been referred to as The Storyteller. Don Williams was dubbed early-on The Gentle Giant. The late Tex Ritter was known for years as American’s Most Beloved Cowboy.

    But I know of no one whose nickname fit him better…nor a person who lived up to that nickname better…than did Sonny James, the man we all knew as The Southern Gentleman.