Ask Bill – November 4, 2013

  1. You say radio probably wouldn’t play a new Bill Anderson single today. How did George Jones keep his music on the radio so long?
    Well, for one thing he was George Jones! At the same time, radio did stop playing his music several years prior to his passing. You can go back and read some of his comments about it at the time. He wasn’t too thrilled with the way he and other traditional artists were treated during his last few years.

  2. Wondering is there any reason you never wear any of those western suits I seen in your videos? You are the sharpest dresser in Nashville!
    Thank you. Mostly I quit wearing them because they all shrunk and didn’t fit anymore! Isn’t it funny how clothes will do that as we get older? Actually, I do still wear some of them occasionally at the Opry and sometimes out on tour. If I had back all the money I spent buying those things for me and my band, I’d be writing this from my oceanfront home in the Caribbean!

  3. Why are so many artists, including you, releasing tracks on vinyl records again? Kids today don’t know what vinyl is.
    Oh, but you’d be surprised what the kids know today! In fact, it’s the kids who have discovered vinyl and have helped create its resurgence. Kids seem to be able to figure out what’s “real” in life quicker than adults sometimes, and the sound of recorded music pressed onto vinyl is much more “real” than that of processed digital tracks burned onto a compact disc. With this thought in mind, I truly believe if and when traditional country music ever makes a comeback, the kids will be the ones who “discover” it and lead the charge.