Ask Bill – April 4

1) Is there a book available to us that gives birth and death dates of the country music stars? There are some of my favorites that are no longer with us but weren’t “newsworthy” enough to make national news.

Renee, the waitress on Larry’s Country Diner, published a very nice and informative book called Precious Memories Memorial back in March of 2016. There are over 80 artists included, with the last one being Joey Feek. This book can be ordered through Renee also tells me there will be an updated version available before Christmas of this year.

2) I hope this isn’t too personal, but what are your religious views? Do you believe in Jesus?

I certainly do. I was raised in the Methodist church, my grandfather being a Methodist minister. I don’t preach to people or wear my religion on my sleeve, but I have a deep and abiding faith that has gotten me through a lot of bumps in life’s road.

3)  I don’t know if you know about “Alexa” or not. It’s the voice that powers the internet based Echo Generations device. I received one for Christmas, and asked her to play your music which she did. Do you get paid when she plays your songs? 

I’m very familiar with Alexa as my grandson, Gabe, also got one for Christmas. I asked my publisher if we get paid when she plays our songs and he replied, “All legitimate streamers pay a small royalty…but it’s very small.” So I appreciate your asking her to play my music, but I’m not getting rich off of it!

I always appreciate your questions and hope you’ll keep them coming. Write me at or at P.O. Box 888, Hermitage, TN. 37076. We’ll have more next time. Stay curious.