Ask Bill – February 6

1) Does Jan Howard do any concerts still and will you two ever record together again?

There were several questions regarding Jan this month, so I’ll try to answer them all here. First, Jan’s health has not improved to the extent that she can sing, perform, or appear with us on Country’s Family Reunion at the present time. She never recovered 100% from the fall she suffered at her home a few years ago. She is surrounded by her many friends and still socializes with us whenever she can. The picture in our last newsletter was taken at a dinner where several of us gathered before Christmas to visit, laugh, and recall our fun times together. Which leads to our next question…

2) Are there any in the country music family who especially need our prayers and thoughts of encouragement at this time?

What a thoughtful question. Thanks for thinking to ask. We can all use positive thoughts and prayers at any time, but you might want to keep Jan in mind along with Donna Fargo, who is recovering from a stroke. Willie Nelson’s respiratory issues have been well documented while Mike Johnson, the great steel guitar player, has been undergoing treatment for a cancerous condition in his neck and throat area. He was unable to go with us on the recent CFR cruise and we missed him. Jeannie Seely’s husband, Gene Ward, has had some recent health concerns, and I’m sure there are others that I don’t know about. As the old gospel song says, we’re all “standing in the need of prayer.”

3) Up to now, what is the saddest moment and the happiest moment in your music career?

WHOA! I never really thought about that. My happiest TWO moments would have to be when I was invited to join the Grand Ole Opry all those years ago and my election to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. I’ve certainly had some sad moments in my personal life, but at the moment I honestly can’t recall any directly related to my career other than perhaps the death of my manager, Hubert Long, back in 1972. I have been blessed beyond belief in my chosen profession, and continue to thank God every day for the light He has shined onto my path.

And a few quickies:

4) If I buy your book for my Kindle do you get the royalty?

Yes, thank you.

5) When someone records one of your songs do you have to approve that person or approve the recording before it’s released to the public?


6) Where can I find your recording of “Rock And Roll To Rock Of Ages” on CD?

So far as I know, it’s not currently available.

Thanks for all your questions. You can always send yours to me at or at P.O. Box 888, Hermitage, TN. 37076. See you back here next time.