Ask Bill – July 9 0

1) The song, “Until The Light Comes On Again,” has some very haunting lyrics in it, and I was wondering if it was written about death, depression, or something else? What is the real meaning of the lyrics?

On the video and on the recording that is available for download, I take several seconds to explain the song before the music begins. Unfortunately, some of the radio stations that are playing the record, and some of the outlets that are broadcasting or streaming the video, have deleted the introduction in the interest of time. I wrote the song for a special lady in my life who was surprised a couple of years ago by the news that she had cancer. It was a shock to both of us, and in trying to comfort and encourage her, I found I had trouble coming up with the right things to say. So, as I’ve often done over the years, I set my feelings to music. The result is that song. Thanks for your interest.

2) Are you in with any organizations to raise money for overseas projects? What are some of your favorite charities?

I’ve never felt comfortable talking about most of the charities and causes that I support, because I don’t donate to them in order to gain publicity. But, no, I am not involved with any overseas projects. I’ve made no secret of supporting the medical facilities that have made a difference in the lives of my children and grandchildren, and we’re donating any royalties we might receive from “Until The Light Comes On Again” to help fight cancer. I support several scholarship funds for young people because I believe they are our future. I donate my time to serve on the Boards of some other charitable organizations, but beyond that, I prefer to keep my donations private.

3) Do you listen to the Grand Ole Opry on nights when you are not there?

No, not as a general rule. Usually if I’m not there, I’m out performing somewhere on the road or involved in some kind of activity with my family. Occasionally, I’ll catch a re-run on Sirius/XM, but it’s not often that I’m able to catch a live performance.

Many of you responded to a question in last month’s newsletter in regard to finding a copy of Roy Drusky’s recording of my song, “Peel Me A ‘Nanner.” I had said that after all these years I imagined it would be a very difficult record to locate, which just showed how out of touch I am. Almost immediately, I received notice of a copy available on e-Bay for $15.00. That particular copy appeared to be in a sleeve with Roy’s picture on it. Others told me they’ve downloaded it from iTunes and YouTube. I guess we live in a world today where nothing goes out of circulation. (Anybody got a copy of me singing “Deep In The Heart Of Texas” at my kindergarten graduation?)

Thanks for your questions and comments. You can always reach me at I enjoy hearing from you, and I’ll see you back here next month.