Ask Bill – May 1

1) Is there a song or two in your catalog you felt particularly strong about that you think failed to reach its full potential? Something you think you should have done better?

I always think I could have done a song better. I’m not sure any artist is ever truly satisfied with their work. One song comes to mind, though, and I’ve done something about it. It’s  called, “Something To Believe In,” and it was on one of my albums in the late sixties. I have recently re-recorded it for my next project. At its core, the song is a prayer. I hope you’ll like the new version when you hear it.

2) I haven’t heard any updates on how Mike Johnson is doing. I hope he is doing well.

Mike, who played steel guitar in my band for 16-years and is the band leader on Country’s Family Reunion, recently underwent treatment for a cancerous condition in his throat. He was unable to work for quite awhile, but things seem to be taking a turn for the better. I understand he’s been back in the recording studio on a limited basis and that the doctors feel they have his situation under control. Lots of prayers have been answered, believe me. Mike is truly one of the “good guys.”

3) How do you select which questions to answer in your Ask Bill column? I have sent several but never seen one of mine in print.

Well, now you have! I receive far more questions that I could ever possibly answer, and I appreciate every single one. I try to answer those that I feel are of the most general interest to our fans everywhere. You may have noticed that I’ve begun answering more questions that require only short responses in order to expand the number of answers each month. Keep sending them to me, and I’ll get to as many as I can as soon as I can.

Now here are some quickies for this month:

What song that you wrote has been recorded the most by other artists?

Probably “The Tips Of My Fingers.”

Where are you going to be this coming New Years Eve?

I have no idea. We do not have a concert scheduled at this time.

Is your dancing bus driver still with you?

No. James Price passed away several years ago.

In your book you mentioned you have a poster on your wall about a tour in the late sixties through Iowa and Minnesota. Could you tell me where you appeared in Iowa?

Cedar Rapids and Des Moines on that particular tour.

If you have a question for a future newsletter, send it to me at and I’ll do my best to answer. Stay curious.