Ask Bill – May 2

1) I have always wondered in your song, “Think I’ll Go Somewhere & Cry Myself To Sleep,” is the person dying or are they just never coming back?

One of the great things about music is that the listener can take a song and put it into whatever compartment in their life it might fit the best. This particular song, which I wrote in 1964 and which was a country hit for Charlie Louvin, made the pop charts for Al Martino, and later came back around to country for Crash Craddock, can be about death, divorce, separation…whatever the listener might want it to be about. I’m just glad folks enjoyed it on whatever level it touched them.

2) We wonder why Jimmy Capps couldn’t be a guest on Family Reunion. He has played with a lot of celebrities and has to have a lot of information on them. We really enjoy him.

We all enjoy Jimmy too, both his guitar playing and his always-positive personality. I assume you’re wanting him to sit in the circle with us and tell stories, and I’m sure he has many he could share. Maybe we could get him to do that one of these days. But it sure would leave a big hole in the band!

3) Can you tell us the members of your Po’ Folks Band and each instrument they play and how long they have been in your band and where they are from?

Well, I guess I could do that. Les Singer, our guitar player from Cropsey, Illinois, has been with me the longest…since 1981 in fact. Lester doesn’t tour with us anymore due to some health issues, but he’s there as our band leader every night that we’re on the Grand Ole Opry. James Freeze, our bass player from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, has been with me since 1991. He sings background vocals and emcees our shows when the occasion calls for it. Anthony “Ziggy” Johnson from Gate City, Virginia, first came with me to play keyboards and serve as our vocal arranger in 1992. Robert “Cotton” Payne is our drummer and has been since 1997. He hails from Poteet, Texas.

The best looking member of our group, Kenzie Wetz, joined us in 2002, left for awhile to work with Pam Tillis, then returned in 2009. She is from Oklahoma City and plays fiddle, sings harmonies, and beautifies the stage. Pat Severs is our current steel guitar player. He is from Camden, South Carolina, and became a Po’ Person in 2010. He can double on guitar, banjo, and dobro, and often does. I’m proud of my band and would hate to think I had to go onstage without them.

Thanks for your questions, and keep ’em coming. E-mail yours to me at or mail them to P. O. Box 888, Hermitage, TN. 37076. We’ll have more next month. Stay curious.