December 5, 2017

Hi Gang:

I hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving, a Blockbuster Black Friday, and a Cool Cyber Monday. And now I’m wishing you a Dandy December and Smooth Sailing from here until Christmas.

I had all my family at my house for Turkey Day (except for my two granddaughters who don’t currently live here), and we ate and talked and laughed and ate some more. It was a super day, but by nightfall things had turned a bit topsy-turvy.

By 3 A.M. (there’s a good title for a song!) my daughter Terri was in the ER at a local hospital, and on Saturday morning my friend, Vickie, was admitted to another. The rest of the weekend is a big blur, but I’m happy to say that as I am writing this, everyone is safely back home and things are looking up.

I had been scheduled to go into the recording studio the day after Thanksgiving, but after all that happened my mind wasn’t on it and my heart wasn’t in it. So I canceled my sessions. I used the time to rest up and regroup, and hopefully I’ll feel like rescheduling sometime soon.

I did do a bit of recording prior to the holiday, and when you read our Ask Bill column you’ll see what I was up to. Also, I did some songwriting last month and particularly enjoyed a couple of writing days with John Schneider, the fine singer and former star of “Dukes Of Hazard.” He, Bobby Tomberlin, and I wrote a song we’re all excited about, plus John recorded two other songs Bobby and I had a hand in writing. He has a very unique vision for his musical career moving forward, and I think you’ll be hearing and seeing some great work from John in the days ahead.

All of us at the Grand Ole Opry are excited about the new Opry venue in New York City and the fact that our Opry shows are being televised live on giant screens right in the middle of Times Square. I’ll be interested in hearing from any of you who might have been there. And speaking of New York, my fingers are crossed that the Songwriters Hall of Fame up there decides to vote me membership into their esteemed circle this year. Voting closes December 17th, but it may be early in 2018 before we’ll know the results.

Closer to home, I want to give a special shout-out to my former Avondale High School classmates who receive our newsletter every month courtesy of a sweet lady named Shirley Bettis. Shirley, a former classmate herself, is on our mailing list, and forwards our publications each month to the folks we went to school with. Avondale High, which was in suburban Atlanta, doesn’t exist anymore except in our hearts and our memories, so I’m doubly thankful for this continuing connection.

Well, with Christmas on the horizon you’ve probably got lots of things on your plate, and I shouldn’t keep you any longer. I hope it’s a wonderful holiday season for each of you and that Santa fills your stockings with all kinds of goodies… and maybe even a few Bill Anderson records, books, t-shirts, and the like. By the way, we’ve still got some of our Christmas cards available..check them out at And thanks to all who took advantage of our Black Friday specials. Be watching for some new products from us early next year.

Merry Christmas! And may God bless us everyone. See you in Branson for New Years Eve!!