June 1, 2018

Hi Gang:

Here’s hoping each of you had a great Memorial Day weekend, and that you’re ready for June and those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Memorial Day was especially meaningful to me this year, because the first thing I saw on my phone that morning was a text from my friend, Alex Haley, and a picture of his 94-year old dad, Ed. In case the name isn’t familiar to you, Ed Haley was the former U.S. soldier who inspired my song, “Old Army Hat.” To see him standing with his wife next to an American flag, wearing a veterans’ ball cap on Memorial Day morning was the best beginning to a day that I could possibly imagine. God Bless America!

This is going to be an incredibly exciting and fun-filled month for all of us here in Whisperville, beginning with the annual CMA Music Fest next week and then moving to New York for my induction into the national Songwriters Hall of Fame on the 14th. Following that, on the 15th, we’ll perform for the first time at the new Opry City Stage in Times Square. What a month!

At the moment, it appears that all three of my children will get to experience my Hall of Fame induction with me, thanks to some special folks, not the least of whom is country music’s best friend, Gus Arrendale, of Springer Mountain Farms chicken. Gus is bringing his personal jet from Georgia to Nashville to transport my friend, Vickie, and my daughter, Terri, to New York, neither of whom would be strong enough health-wise to travel that far on their own. My daughter, Jenni, and my son, Jamey, along with his wife, Beth, are coming along too. What a special occasion it’s going to be!

My dear buddy, Steve Wariner, is going along to sing in my honor, and to do the actual induction on my behalf. I don’t have an acceptance speech written…I’m just planning to talk off the top of my head and thank the many, many people responsible for my receiving this honor. I’m hoping to bring some of the excitement to you by way of a live Facebook chat somewhere along the way, followed by lots of pictures and stories later on. Keep watching our website and Facebook page for all the details.

My involvement in the CMA Fest will be limited to some appearances on the Grand Ole Opry, a live re-creation of the old TV show, Match Game, on Thursday, and a guitar-pull session with Bobby Bare on Sunday. I’ll let the younger artists enjoy performing in the hot sun and the always-soaring humidity this year. I’ve seen that movie and even starred in it a few times, going all the way back to the beginning of Fan Fair in 1972.

Thanks to all of you who have reached out with such kind words about the new song I wrote and recorded for Vickie, “Until The Light Comes On Again.” Your reaction to the recording and the video has been amazing, and I thank you for allowing me to share a piece of my off-stage life with you. We’ll be coming with an exciting new single and a new album shortly, so be on the lookout for those. I think I told you the album will be titled simply, “Anderson.”

That’s about it for this time. Oh, my small medical procedure in May turned out fine. Thanks for your prayers and your concern. You’re still the best friends and fans a guy could ever hope to have. And with apologies to all my Mets, Cardinals, Orioles, Nationals, Texans, Phillies, Yankees, and other friends and fans, “Go Braves!”

My best to all…