May 1, 2018

Hi Gang:

Let me begin this month by thanking you for all your kind words and heartfelt responses to my new song and video, “Until The Light Comes On Again,” which was released back in mid-April.

I’ve heard from so many who say the song has touched you, inspired you, and comforted you or your loved ones, and that means more to me than you can ever know. My friend, Vickie, for whom I wrote the song and who appears in the video with me, is grateful for your love and prayers as well. If you haven’t seen or heard it yet, it’s available on YouTube, iTunes, and of course on our website at If you download it or purchase it, remember all the proceeds go to help fight cancer.

Well, April was quite a month in Whisperworld. We were on the road every weekend, and had some fun times and interesting experiences along the way. Coming home from Walker, Minnesota, following a concert with Bobby Bare, we got caught in a snow and ice storm that turned our bus ride home into a 24-hour slippin’ and slidin’ ordeal. Bobby had flown to the Friday night date, and because of all the weather-related flight cancellations, he didn’t get back to Nashville until the wee hours of Monday morning! You might expect that in the winter, but in April?? We thawed out the following weekend in Texas.

Bobby and I plan to work a lot of shows together in the coming months on what is being called the American Legends Tour. Bobby is a great guy, works with a fine bunch of musicians, and our shows seem to compliment one another. I love standing in the wings and being reminded of all the great hit records he has made over the years. Our next concert together is scheduled for Hinton, Oklahoma, July 14th. Hope we’ll see lots of you there and in other places on down the line.

We won’t be touring in May, but we’ll be on the Opry May 5th, 8th, 11th, and 12th, and doing a LIVE Facebook chat on the 10th. Check our website and Facebook page for all the details. I’ll be undergoing a small preventive medical procedure toward the end of the month that will keep me grounded for a couple of weeks. Nothing serious…just something the doctors want me to take care of. I should be back up and running in time for the CMA Music Fest in early June, and then for our trip to New York for the Songwriters Hall Of Fame induction June 14th. For those of you in the area, don’t forget we’ll be performing at the new Opry City Stage the following night June 15th. I’m really looking forward to that. I understand it’s a beautiful venue and right in the heart of The Big Apple.

On a not-so-pleasant subject, I continue to get letters from fans who tell me they are being contacted by someone pretending to be me. This person tells women that he loves them, asks for money, and confuses a lot of people by using my name. Please ignore any correspondence you receive from this slime-ball. This is NOT me!

From the personal side of my life, my oldest grandson, Blake, broke a growth plate in his ankle playing in a Spring-league basketball game over the weekend, and he’ll be sidelined for awhile. Gabe  came through his sinus surgery all right but was in a lot of pain for a few days. The doctors are running tests this week to see how he is responding to his new type of chemo. Thanks for all your continuing good wishes and prayers for those who are special to me.

May this truly be the “merry, merry month of May” for you and yours. Thanks for everything, and we’ll see you back here next month.