May 18, 2010

Hi Gang:

We had a great trip to Canada, but like always, our favorite stop is always back home!

We played several of the smaller towns in Ontario this trip, and appreciated so much the warm welcome the folks there gave us. I think sometimes in the smaller places people tend to respond to the shows even better because they don’t get as many chances to see live concerts as the folks in the larger cities. Thanks, folks, for always making us feel so welcome regardless of where we perform.

The big flood is still the talk of Nashville, and it’s so gratifying to see so many of our music industry folks giving of their time and talent to help raise money for the victims. I’m sure many of you saw the telethon on GAC Sunday night. It was wonderful, and all who took part are to be commended. And to each of you who contributed money to the relief efforts, thanks SO much.

I found it interesting that last weekend, as the Grand Ole Opry House was being dried out and refurbished, the shows originated across Briley Parkway at the Two Rivers Baptist Church. My son, Jamey, and his wife, Beth, were married in the sanctuary there back in 2000, and I’m sort of hoping that my band and I get the opportunity to play there. Considering that the Ryman was originally built as a tabernacle and place of worship, holding the Opry inside a church isn’t all that unusual. This week we’re at the Ryman on Friday and the downtown War Memorial Auditorium on Saturday, but during all our moving around, I do hope I get to be on the show one night from Two Rivers. That would be special.

Otherwise, thanks for your many kind comments about our new video. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and I hope you’ll make your friends aware that it’s now online and will hopefully soon be on some of the video channels across the country.

I’ll meet you back here in this space again soon, although by then our site might have a slightly different look. I hope you’ll like it.