Music News Nashville
by Chuck Dauphin

Bill Anderson is definitely one of Country Music’s most enduring success stories. Beginning in the late 1950s with Ray Price’s “City Lights,” Anderson has long been a part of our culture as a songwriter, singer, radio personality, and even a game show host (Who, after all, didn’t want to be a contestant on Fandango back in the 1980s?). And, that success story continues today – with two wins over the past decade for Song of the Year (“Whiskey Lullaby” and “Give It Away”). So, the artist continues to paint away at his canvas, and we’re the better for it.

Anderson’s newest release as an artist reflects a mixture of moods and emotions. There’s the fun feel of “Bubba Garcias,” a duet with fellow Hall of Famer Willie Nelson that starts the album with a smile, a collaboration with John Anderson on “Rhinestone Grindstone,” and a humorous little ditty titled “Whisper,” that pokes fun at his famous moniker that includes Joey+Rory that is definitely a highlight, if nothing else for the off-the-cuff moments between Anderson and the couple.

On the other end of the emotional spectrum, Anderson also gives some very serious performances that rank with some of the best compositions of his career. It would not surprise me to see cuts like “She Could Ruin My Life,” “When You Love Me,” or “Blackberry Winter” wind up being cut by other artists, though Anderson handles them quite nicely. Ditto that for “In Another Life,” which shows that his pen has lost none of its’ ink over the years. The disc come to a close with the touching “Old Army Hat,” which proves that in Bill Anderson’s case, talent need not have an age on it. Some things are just timeless!