Review: The Bridgeworks

Bill Anderson The Way I Feel TWI Records I first became aware of Bill Anderson the year I graduated from high school, and the ensuing years have witnessed recurring shots of musical adrenalin. His song catalogue permeates country music and provides a flavor all unto itself, even through the recent few years when he has joined the co-writing trend. These are “typical Bill Anderson songs,” not that they’re like each other except for the crafting and the emotional tug. And they are “typical” performances from Whispering Bill, perhaps more obviously — in an era that has seen the diminishment of style, Bill’s is among the few voices that can be recognized with the smallest number of notes. “Whiskey Lullaby” is a monster song that dominates wherever it is — this time we hear Bill and Kenzie Wetz and the emotional power builds all over again. His co-write of “Chip Chip” with Melba Montgomery becomes a duet with Rustie Blue — it’s also available on Rustie’s current album, which is a good thing. I really like “Him And Me” because there really can’t be enough said about good parent/child relationships, and I like “What Drove Her Away” because too many people really have problems grasping basic psychology. Hey, I like the whole project — the man demonstrates that the way to keep a career fresh is to keep a fresh outlook. And it works.

By: Bill LIttleton, The Bridgeworks

Review: TCM Radio

Bill If you look back through the history of Country Music, there is not much dispute that in one way or another, Bill Anderson has personally influenced more country artists and songwriters than any other individual and Rustie Blue is no exception. On Saturday, January 8th following an appearance on the “Ernest Tubb Mid-Nite Jamboree,” Bill Anderson announced that his duet with Rustie Blue (from her latest release “Chip Chip”) is included on his new album titled, “The Way I Feel”. Bill’s new CD may be purchased NOW online from his website” and is scheduled to be released on February 1st. Rustie and Bill’s duet climbed to #1 on the (E.C.M.A ) European Country Music Association Chart back in November, and held the #1 spot for 3 weeks; it debuted at #10 and peaked at #4 on the International Hot Disc Chart, and hit the “New Music Weekly” U.S. Chart among other numerous charts, while also receiving rave reviews from the critics!

By: Steve L. Butts,
News Director, TCM Radio