This was the happy scene in Gabe’s hospital room around noon today. Hallie had donated her bone marrow earlier in the day, and was waiting for the actual transplant itself to begin. She said her back felt as though she had a pulled muscle, but other than that, you can see she was smiling. And wearing her Team Gabe t-shirt!

I slept in mine last night, and have worn it all day today as have so many of our family members and friends. Thank you for your marvelous show of support. It’s truly been a “team” effort.

So many of you have reached out with your prayers, positive thoughts, and messages of encouragement over the past 24-hours, and our entire family appreciates them all. There is still a long road ahead, but every road has to begin somewhere, and we are so hopeful that today’s road will lead Gabe to a lifetime of restored health and happiness that he otherwise might never have known.

Thanks again, and God bless each of you.