Hi Gang:
There’s been a lot on television and in the news lately about how many people in America do not have access to computers and to the internet.
The subject has come to the forefront because so many children are having to receive their education online these days. Schools are closed due to COVID-19 and our whole world, it seems, is connecting via the world wide web.
But, if we are to believe the ads, there are 10-million households in the US alone with no internet service. I’ve seen stories of school kids tapping into WiFi and doing their homework from the parking lots of Taco Bell and McDonald’s. And it has got me to thinking.
So many of us take the connectivity we enjoy through our phones and our iPads and our computers for granted. We see the world on our screens and we assume that our neighbors and friends see it that way as well. Obviously, that’s not always the case.
When our fan club switched from our printed Journals and went online some dozen years or so ago, we offered our fans the option of receiving our monthly newsletters and related material through the internet or through a special print edition that we would mail to their home addresses. In the beginning, several hundred people opted to pay a small fee to cover the print costs and the postage, but as time has gone by the number of people on the mailing list has dwindled. I’m wondering if it’s because we haven’t continued to promote that we have that service available.
As we head toward the holiday season, it has dawned on me that some of you might have parents or friends or relatives who would like to take advantage of our printed materials….and perhaps you’d like to give a year’s subscription to them as a Christmas or holiday gift. For only $20 you can do just that.
If someone you know doesn’t have internet access, or if they simply like to hold their reading material in their hands like I do, you might think of our fan club newsletters as a gift. Especially if these folks are traditional country music fans and like to be kept abreast of things going on in our world. You can sign them up…or subscribe yourself…by clicking on the link in our store. They would begin receiving our newsletters with the January 2021 edition and go through December of next year. Each recipient of your gift will receive a letter from me explaining the gift and recognizing you as the giver, along with your name and address.
All of my letters to the fans, our Ask Bill column, our personal appearance schedule, our pictures, and our special merchandise offers are in the printed newsletter, other than those few that are only available online. 
I hope a lot of you will want to take advantage of this, and I hope you’ll help us spread the word that this service is available. You can order the membership in our store or click this link: http://cwired.co/BAfanclubcopy 
Thanks a BILLion….