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  1. Beverlee Gnau
    January 27, 2014 @ 12:19 am

    “Bubba Garcia” is classic humor from you. I like it but there are others that strike a note too. “In Another Life” is one. I can relate a bit too well to it. “Blackberry Winter” is another one that pulls my heart strings a bit. “When You Love Me” and having already asked you about the whys behind it and knowing it was written for the movie about Billy Graham it made me know I wasn’t quite off the sanity trolley. Of course one of the biggest and I think will probably be the one to go #1 if you issue it as a single is “Old Army Hat”. Some days when I listen to that one I want to send you the bill for all the tissues I use……but I won’t. You keep on writing work like this and the young pups will have to step back. Legends. What would the Opry be without our Legends? Thank you Bill for all you do to keep the country in country music.