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Bill Anderson - 1984

Limited Edition
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With digital CD's and streaming and all the other ways that music is made available these days, my team and I decided maybe some other folks would enjoy discovering the ten new/old songs as well, so here they are. I'lI warn you... these recordings are full of fiddles and steel guitars and songs about real life as lived by real people. If that's not your thing, then feel free to pass. But if that kind of country music speaks to you, pull up a chair and listen. This is a Limited Edition CD and how it sounded in 1984.

  1. Pity Party
  2. This Is The Goodbye (To End All Goodbyes)
  3. Wino The Clown
  4. I Never Lie To Ruby
  5. Country Music Died Today
  6. When You Leave That Way
  7. With Her
  8. Lorene
  9. Second Thoughts
  10. The Years Fall Away
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