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  1. Bernadette McNeil
    July 6, 2016 @ 2:47 pm

    Love the pics! Nice to see you with a Canadian ‘boy”. He knows how special it is to here you, Bill. Nice to see Charley & Scotty, in pic anyway. Attended Charley’s Show in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Loved it! I Miss the Grand Ole Opry & Opry Backstage. Our local stations don’t seem to carry them. I would stay up on Saturday nights well after midnight. I am looking for DVD’s here all the time but can only find them in US & our dollar is so low right now. Someday. Our local station plays your songs from time to time & I turn up the volume. Thanks for your updates! MAYBE I’LL GET TO SEE YOU IN OUR LOCAL AREA IN THE FUTURE. Meanwhile, take care & God Bless.